This Wisconsin documentary film spotlights the use of hound hunting dogs to train on and hunt wolves, bears, coyotes,  bobcats, fox, and ultimately all wildlife in their path. (Link here)



The federal appeal to delist the Great Lakes Wolves has not yet been decided.

Wisconsin's Natural Resources Board approves cable restraints

Youtube video "Wolf #2 release"
Youtube video "Wolf #2 release"

May 27, 2015

NRB approves (see 1:14:15 of webcast) rule modifications  presented by the WCC.   The rules will change restrictions on cable restraints to allow more coyotes trapped despite the fact that over 30,000 coyotes were killed in WI in 2013; Allow the use of foot-activated cable restraints (pg. 4 of link) which will increase the number of coyotes, fox and bobcat killed while indiscriminately trapping wolves;  Increase the hours of trapping.  The rules were passed w/ minimal discussion despite the fact that these traps indiscriminately catch unintended animals including protected species such as the wolf and inflict grave injuries.  


These 3 snapshots (click on photo for link to video) show the damage done to a wolf or any animal caught in traps. The injuries sustained will undoubtedly affect their survival. 


Adoption of these proposed rule changes were made one day after the WCC spring hearings which clearly shows this process had already begun weeks and months prior to the hearings.  Furthermore, the WCC vote to increase such egregious trapping methods was approved by 0.0004%  of Wisconsin's 5.75 million people.



"The Wolf and Wildlife Conservation and Coexistence Initiative discusses the need for wildlife stewardship reflective of democratic values and public interest, best available science and the U.S. public trust. This conference will discuss the processes within current wildlife stewardship and the biases within these systems. It will empower and encourage collaboration for people to have an active voice for wildlife through focus groups and action." Link here for registration; see pdf below for speakers.

Keynote Speakers.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.6 MB


Bear baiting
Bear baiting


4,600,000 gallons of bear bait are dumped on Wisconsin's landscape from 4/15 thru bear hunting season in October.   Scientific research out of MTU suggests an increase in deadly encounters between dogs and wolves when bait is put down.

  Wolf-Hound dog depredation Baiting Fact sheet;   2015 DNR Bear hunting regulations)






"Let us do things together"


Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

March 26, 2015

It was a beautiful day to celebrate Wisconsin's Gray Wolf;  never before done in Wisconsin.  It was fitting that our Native tribe, the Red Cliff, would do that.  Brian Bainbridge lead us through a ceremony and Marvin DeFoe took time to talk with us about the Tribe's perspective of Ma'iingan, the Wolf.  "We're all in this together…blending of science and humanity can guide us in taking care of Ma'iingan."  

Following the 2011 delisting, Marvin attended the first state "wolf management" meetings and walked out each time. "Ma'iingan is free, you can't manage it."  The Red Cliff tribe also feels that when you see wolves that is good; that means life is there.


Red Cliff Tribe, under the guidance of Jeremy St. Arnold, Red Cliff Ass't Biologist,  has written a "Wolf Protection Plan"  and will manage the habitat for the wolves:

  • Ongoing research
  • Trail cams
  • GoPro to monitor wolf kills
  • Telemetry & collars
  • Education in schools, social media, FB page

Voigt decision and it's implications for the wolf

  • ceded territories should drive expansion of buffer zones
  • consideration in shared management w/ state off of reservation
  • BIA and it's trust responsibilities in ceded territories


 Marvin DeFoe, Red Cliff Tribe at-large Council member

Jeremy St. Arnold, Red Cliff Tribe Wildlife Biologist

Brian Bainbridge, Vice Chairman, Red Cliff Tribal Council member

Cynthia Anne, HSUS' Wisconsin District 7 Leader

Adrian Wydeven, Retired Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Biologist

(Lake photo: looking out from Red Cliff tribal lands past Red Cliff Point unto Apostle Islands (Madeline & Oak Islands)

Basswood Island (not seen here) is to the right across the West Channel


(The above mentioned individuals either facilitated the celebration/were included in photos above.)


Wolves, Lone & Pack: Ojibwe Treaty Rights and the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt
"...the State initiated the wolf hunt despite tribal protestations, instigating the first break from cooperative management in decades. Both sovereigns have legitimate and conflicting interests and appear to risk their first major treaty rights litigation in decades…"
Ojibwe Treaty Rights.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 743.4 KB


Wolves and the culture of poaching in the Great Lakes

 This beautiful Great Lakes' wolf is suspected to have been intentionally & illegally killed by a snare set in the Northeastern area of Minnesota.  Although the investigation is far from over, the Conservation Officer suspected the illegal snare was set for a wolf due to the diameter of the snare and it's height.  In Wisconsin, as revealed by recovery data, WI wolves are killed illegally at a rate of 9%-19% each year; approximately 65 - 140 wolves/year (see below).

This misguided generational cultural hatred that goes deep into the rural area of the Great Lakes region is why the wolf will need protected status for decades to come.


Survival of Wisconsin's Gray Wolves from Endangered to harvested: 1980-2013
Stenglein UW-2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.1 MB


"Political Predator"

A newly-released documentary produced by Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf.  Northern wolf-range  Wisconsin residents powerfully account for the politically-motivated wolf hunt.  

See "Pro-Wolf Documentary marks latest salvo in battle over species' status"


Wolf pups in Boundary Waters Canoe Area - Minnesota
Wolf pups in Boundary Waters Canoe Area - Minnesota



"...The state’s wolves breed from February to early March.  And it’s serious business. At stake is their very survival…70% won't live a year...Humans cause a lot of wolf mortality, whether there is a [wolf] hunting season or not…"


Official petition to reclassify Gray Wolf as Threatened species under the Endangered Species Act
USFWS petition to reclassify-1:27.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 934.1 KB
Wolf River, Wisconsin - Photo credit:
Wolf River, Wisconsin - Photo credit:
Hound dog training/hunting in Wisconsin
Hound dog training/hunting in Wisconsin


"...what we did document was a recreational hunt for wolves that involves an excessive degree of technology that in our opinion demonstrates unethical hunting and unfair chase. Primary to successful hound hunting is the use of vehicles in the pursuit of wolves. Hound hunters routinely hunt from their vehicles, something illegal in other big game hunting, and use cell phones to coordinate their hound hunting activities. This is not the only time satellite technology is used in wolf hunting with hounds.

A common component in hound hunting today is the use of GPS-equipped dog collars that allow hound hunters to follow their dogs remotely. While this is convenient for the hound hunters, what it also does is reduce the amount of time a hound hunter is physically monitoring his/her animals. This is identifiably the most controversial element of the hound hunt for wolves and one that GLWP believes needs to be monitored more adequately...


Great Lakes Wolf Patrol’s conclusion is that the hound hunting of wolves does not constitute a legitimate game management technique due to the high probability of unpreventable violent encounters between hunting hounds and wolves. It is inarguable, that the legal running of hounds in known wolf territory is leading to numerous death and injury to hunting hounds, and the use of hounds to hunt wolves only increases the liklehood of more violent encounters. There is also a recognizable enforcement problem when the hound hunting season for wolves closes, yet the hound hunting/training season for coyotes and other animals remains open, leaving it impossible to distinguish illegal hound hunting for wolves from legal hound hunting (or training) of coyotes."


February 12, 2015

WDNR has announced it will delay public comment period due to relisting and submit the new draft Wolf Management Plan for review this summer.  Public Comment and written statements will be encouraged. Please stay tuned.

Wolf family in Wisconsin - Photo credit: Jayne Belsky
Wolf family in Wisconsin - Photo credit: Jayne Belsky


December 19, 2014

 "HSUS, Born Free U.S.A., Help Our Wolves Live (HOWL), and Friends of Animals and Their Environment (FATE) win district court case Western Great Lakes DPS delisting vacated, restored to ESA listing."

Link here for the Civil Action Summary Judgement.  District Judge Howell rules the removal of protections was "arbitrary and capricious".  Link here for Wisconsin DNR Press Release.  See AP Media;


12/06/2014 - All zones were closed for killing wolves.

WDNR allowed an overkill  in prime habitat (zones 1 & 2) of 18 wolves. 

See WDNR for more agency information and/or link to NRB webcast for wolf hunt "preliminary" update by DNR (scroll to 3:00:00 mark)

154 wolves killed (4 over quota)

18 over quota in prime habitat

123 wolves killed in traps; 3 killed with bows; 22 with firearms

6 wolves killed with hound dogs;

NO hound hunters turned in dead wolves for voluntary inspections

87 males; 67 females

Illegal kills ?



WOLF PATROL: Paws on the ground

December 15, 2014

"Great Lakes Wolf Patrol Report: Hound hunt for wolves, Northern Wisconsin, 2014"

December 11, 2014

"Wolf Monitoring Group Begins Reward Program in Response to Wolf Killings in Michigan"

The announcement comes in response to recent wolf killings in the Upper Peninsula and an upsurge in Facebook sites that promote illegal wolf killing, such as Wisconsin Wolf Hunt & ...

November 21, 2014

"Ten days until hound hunt begins in Wisconsin"; Rod Coronado & Wolf Patrol meets with DNR Law Enforcement to confirm investigation results of illegal wolf trapping incident.

Wolf and Cougar ecology and track training courses


DNR allows quota  in prime habitat (Zone 2) to exceed limit of 15 wolves; 29 WOLVES KILLED (97% OVER QUOTA) 

DNR issues 10 tags for every wolf counted in the quota, putting more hunters on the landscape than for other game species; twice as many as for Black Bear.



October 16, 2014

Rod Coronado of Wolf Patrol explains wolf traps while monitoring Wisconsin's woods during the current wolf hunt. Link for video

He has been told that a typical trapper is setting down between 6-9 traps at a minimum and Northern forested areas where wolf families live are currently saturated with traps; Many of these traps have scent put on them to entice wolves to  dig.  With territories being saturated with traps it is likely that entire packs will be taken out.  It has been confirmed by WDNR that there were successful coordinated efforts to take out entire packs  during the 2013 wolf hunt. These territories have been homes to unsuspecting wolves for months and years. This is not hunting.

October 14, 2014

Rod Coronado of "Wolf Patrol" (Yellowstone & Great Lakes) has arrived in Wisconsin and will be monitoring the wolf hunt within the north woods.  He has reported today that he has located wolf track and his group is ready to begin. 

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol Update - "On patrol in undisclosed area because we have found fresh wolf tracks and expect..."




Majorty of  Wisconsinites (p. 30) in both wolf range and non-wolf range

want population left at current levels (660-689)

Majority of Wisconsinites do not want traps used on wolves (p. 26)

700+ wolves killed in 2 years


Illegal kills are based on recovered wolves only.  One WI Biologist stated a  range of 70 - 150 wolves illegally killed/year.  See "Scientific Concerns regarding Wisconsin's Gray Wolf Population"; 6 biologists sent letter to USFWS.  Emergency re-listing recommended due to faulty data on wolf mortality and new unmonitored & unregulated threats (hound training and hound hunting) not listed in WDNR's PDM annual report to USFWS. For DNR daily killing report, link here.


"Public Attitudes towards Wolves and Wolf management inWisconsin"


August 2014


Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources has released it's much-anticipated statewide wolf survey.  



 A majority of residents in wolf range (clusters 1 thru 11) favor a population of wolves at present levels or increased.  Wisconsin's 2014 mid-winter count was approx. 660-687 wolves.  Cluster 1, Douglas County, has the highest positive attitude towards wolves.  Douglas County has coexisted with wolves longer than any county in this state.

August 25, 2014

August 15, 2014

Five scientists send letter to USF&WS with strong concerns for WI's Gray Wolf Population (see pdf  below; "Scientific concerns...").  

August 19, 2014

Wildlife Public Trust & Coexistence (WPT&C) became aware of the USF&WS letter by Treves et al. and responded with additional information that addresses similar issues.  This separate letter was delivered to Region 3 Twin Cities Field Office (see pdf below; "WPT&C letter to...")

WPT&C letter to USF&WS-8/19
Introduction of hound dogs during hunt and now training 24/7; baiting, depredation payments, poaching, pack size, habitat and politics all factor into the unmonitored decline of Wisconsin's Gray Wolf population.
Letter USF&WS -8:19.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 145.4 KB


to protect wolves or unleashed hound dogs during training in Wisconsin

Media is silent

No DNR Press Release


Link here for more information on hounding

See "Wisconsin has poor version of ethical hunting" (7/23/14); Jackson County Chronicle)

Hound dog Training is 24 hours/day; 365 days/year; Unlimited hound dogs on a wolf; No licenses required; Out of state allowed; Packs have/are moving their pups to new rendezvous sites; There will be mayhem, rampant poaching of wolves & dead dogs

(See Fact Sheets and Take Action)


"Transparent & Science-Based Wolf Management"
"Transparent & Science-Based Wolf Management"

Democratic Party of Wisconsin


"Wolf Resolution"

Annual State Convention

Wisconsin Dells,WI

Link here to Pg. 8:


("Take Action" now)

Get involved in the upcoming campaigns, meet your legislators and/or new candidates; ask them if they'll fight to protect our wildlife and resources; show them the "wolf resolution" and Fact Sheets.


Letter sent to Secretary Cathy Stepp and Natural Resource Board members
Letter-156 quota unsustainable-June 2014
Adobe Acrobat Document 43.1 KB
5/19/2014 Wolf Advisory Committee meeting notes
Meeting illustrates intention of committee members: the Gray Wolf in Wisconsin will never have safe passage or a safe haven to call home.
5:19 WAC meeting notes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 54.5 KB
Survival of Wisconsin's Gray Wolves from endangered to harvested 1980-2013; Jennifer Stenglein (May 2014)
"I studied survival of an endangered population during initial reestablishment to recovery and into the first years of harvest."
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.1 MB


Wolf Pups in North Western Wisconsin
This will nourish your soul; treat yourself :)
Credit: Rich Peet -
Rich Peet's wolf pups.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.7 MB
A lone gray wolf howls
This wolf howls in the ancient oak/pine barrens of Wisconsin's North Western Glacial Lake ecosystem. The barrens extend from northern Polk County to southern Bayfield County and cover 1,900 square miles. This national treasure includes wild rice beds amidst vast marshes, northern hardwood swamps, northern dry-mesic forests, and oak and pine barrens.
Credit: Rich Peet -
Rich Peet's lone wolf.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.3 MB
Preliminary 2014 wolf count data released on 4/29/14
Data shows 19% drop in population and breaks down mortality by zone and causes.
2014 wolf count data WI pdf.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 728.9 KB

Preliminary wolf population data handed out at Wolf Advisory Committee Meeting in Wausau on 4/29/14.  Unlike previous years, this year the DNR compiled tracking data behind closed doors lacking transparency and public trust (see pdf data preliminary data).

WI Statutory Authority under Act 169 vs. DNR Rule-Making authority
The legal department of the DNR has attempted here to simplify the statutory law delineated in the "Wolf Hunt bill" (Act 169) and separate that from the rule-making authority issued to the WI DNR.
2014 Wolf statutory athority vs. rules.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 160.5 KB


May 2013 presented to MN legislators by IWC
Wisconsin's Gray Wolves dispersed from Minnesota when they were extirpated from Wisconsin.
International Wolf Center Myths.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 35.2 KB


Years and years of WI's Wolf recovery all comes down to this?


We may have lost the battle but we haven't lost the war