2015-2016 Wisconsin Animal legislation

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Photo credit:  gottalovedogs333.blogspot.com
Photo credit: gottalovedogs333.blogspot.com

SB 450 has passed

Wisconsin Act 233

Enacted 3/1/2016

Seized & stray animals in shelter



 An amendment was included ensuring a 7 day hold before any animal is euthanized

(some shelters euthanize)


This bill will lower the number of days an animal may be treated as unclaimed from 7 to 4 days although it is not mandated across the state.  Each shelter will have the flexibility to determine the needs of their community.  This bill also allows entities outside local government to petition the court for an order. It also allows local gov't to demand payment from owners for dogs held in custody due to crimes against an animal and allows the owner to challenge the amount of payment demanded as well.  Whether this passes or not, hopefully it will be the start of collaboration across the state regarding animal shelters.


The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has suggested Wisconsin is in need of a complete overhaul of Chapter 173. All stakeholders, agencies and concerned citizens across the state should be welcomed to the table to create a comprehensive overhaul of Chapter 173.

SB605/AB719 has passed

2015 WI Act 249

enacted 3/1/2016


"Shining wild animals"




Under the bill a fire-arm mounted light is permitted or attached to clothing vs. handheld flashlight in the past.  This can be used to hunt raccoons, foxes, coyotes or other "unprotected" animals.

Night is the time when animals are out searching for food for their families and themselves.  It is unethical and inhumane to engage in this activity.  All animals should be "protected" from this cruel activity. 

 AB 141/SB97 has passed!


Wisconsin Act 253

Enacted 3/1/2016


Restraining orders and household pets



Under this bill, a court may order the person subject to the restraining order or injunction to refrain from removing, damaging, hiding, harming, mistreating, or killing a household pet.  This bill also allows the victim to retrieve the household pet from person subject to restraining order.  This ONLY pertains to "household pets".




SB338/AB433 has passed


Wisconsin Act 346

Enacted 4/2/2016

Introduced 10/15/2015



 This bill was created as a direct result of WI citizens concerned about wildlife who legally monitored activities during the bear hound dog training season (7/1 thru 8/31).  This bill not only violates our constitutional rights of free speech (photographing) on public lands but it will dismantle the DNR Tipline, which relies on citizen involvement.   It will also continue the intimidation of rural property owners by bear hounders and their dogs and most importantly it will hide the abuses endured by wildlife from packs of hound dogs.


AB 308 passed!

2015 Wisconsin Act 103

enacted 11/11/15

Exemption from civil liability to remove domestic animal from vehicle


This bill exempts a person from civil liability for any property damage or personal injury he or she causes by forcibly entering a vehicle in order to remove a person or a domestic animal that the actor reasonably believed was suffering or would suffer imminent bodily harm if the actor did not forcibly enter the vehicle.

SB 241/AB 333

Exotic Animals

Relating to the possession of certain wild animals and providing a penalty.

Introduced 8/26/2015

Died at the end of 2015-2016 legislative session

Authors/Cosponsors = 21; LOHV = SUPPORT

This bill generally prohibits the possession, propagation, and sale of dangerous exotic animals.  Wisconsin is 1 of only 5 states in the U.S. that does not protect exotic animals.  The Senate committee on Judiciary & Public Safety passed this bill but it failed to move to the floor for a full vote.