Do you want stronger laws to protect animals in Wisconsin?

Now there's a way….

League of Humane Voters® of Wisconsin

The League of Humane Voters® of Wisconsin is a non-partisan organization and endorses candidates running on the Democratic, Republican, Green and other independent parties. We endorse local and statewide candidates strictly on their expressed commitment to enact ordinances and legislation that protect animals.  Politicians take issues seriously when voters do.

Animal advocates translate into votes -- the language politicians speak.   And when they're aware of our presence, they make what matters to us, matter in Madison.  We put the law on the side of the animals.  We lobby politicians to enact and support animal protective legislation at both the local and state level.


Already an animal advocate? We still need you to join! Why? Because the more voters who sign up with the League of Humane Voters® of Wisconsin, the stronger our voting bloc; the greater our influence in the political process. So please make your passion and commitment to animals count, and sign up with LOHV-WI today!


If you have a local animal protection issue you feel strongly about and would like to organize a voting bloc at the local level, we can help you with that as well.  There are many opportunities to volunteer politically for animals so please contact us.  Schedule a tabling event in your community, contact your legislators, distribute LOHV information to animal-friendly establishments,  attendance at town and county meetings, state agency and natural resource board meetings, electioneering, research, social media are a few of the many things needed to get political for animals.


Membership is FREE, but please consider making a donation in the future.  This donation helps defray costs during the electioneering campaign and beyond.  Beyond electioneering, donations support the year-round efforts of LOHV-WI's  to create the largest voting bloc in the state of Wisconsin.


LOHV-WI works for animal protection by:


  • Campaigning for candidates who support animal protection
  • Showing politicians that they must take animal protection issues seriously--because thousands of our members do--and we vote
  • Lobbying for animal-friendly laws


LOHV-WI's potential is both enormous and mainstream: