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Photo credit:  Diane Cain
Photo credit: Diane Cain

Diane Cain

Wildlife Warrior

Taylor County 

Wisconsin Conservation Congress 

Diane ran for a WCC Taylor County delegate seat at the spring hearings.  She was defeated by the incumbent but was successful in passing a resolution, "Reduce bear baiting to 14 days prior to the bear hunt".   Bear baiting in WI is currently 141 days long (see fact sheet), which begins April 15th and extends thru bear hunting season in October.  (see Diane's resolution below or link here for all resolutions). 


"I never feel as though I have lost when I run. I always feel as though it is an opportunity to present another view- point...maybe even give them an impetus to look @ wildlife with some degree of humanity. I am always greeted in a friendly manner & with respect…"; "I too  believe wildlife is under assault  with fewer places to run & hide & increasing methods to kill them."


Diane's calling came years ago and she has never given up: "My wake up call was when I went to a WCC hearing years ago & the DNR warden in charge talked of a "housekeeping" chore that needed to be passed. Bear hunters had been using small animals for training for a long time & she just needed a show of hands so it could be passed. Apparently those animals include captive Bobcats, Coyote, Fox, Bear cubs, Rabbits & Raccoons. I couldn't' believe it.  I was born with a dislike for hunting, but what is happening now is state & federal government sanctioned cruelty especially directed at Bears.   If you'd like to support Diane's resolution by writing a letter of support for her or attend the next committee meeting, link here.


Photo credit: Eva Szyszkoski/International Crane Foundation
Photo credit: Eva Szyszkoski/International Crane Foundation

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress has lost it's way:

Why there should


be a hunting season on

Sandhill Cranes


Whooping Cranes are a federally Endangered species; In flight, and on land as well, it is extremely difficult to differentiate between Whooping Cranes and Sandhill Cranes.  Equally important, a vast majority of  Wisconsinites identify with/ embrace Cranes who bless us with their presence in Wisconsin. 


At left is a picture of the only remaining wild-hatched Whooping Crane chick from 2014 (W3-14), which was found dead in central Wisconsin the week of April 20th.  Last fall (2014), the young crane migrated with her father to winter in Green County, Indiana and returned to Wisconsin on April 8th.  The Wisconsin Conservation Congress voted on a Sandhill Crane hunting season on 4/13/15:  Yes: 2,255; No: 1,554.  There are 5.76 million residents in Wisconsin.   If hunting is recommended to the Natural Resources Board based on this vote, the hunting of this species will have been determined by .00039% of our WI population; a clear violation of the Public Trust Doctrine and our state agency's fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of this state.  The state agency is responsible for protecting the natural resources for all citizens.


The Int'l Crane Foundation, located in Wisconsin, has worked tirelessly for crane species around the world and has a wealth of information, maps, recovery efforts...


Sandhill Cranes w/ chick
Sandhill Cranes w/ chick

 Wisconsin Conservation


2015 Annual Spring Hearings

4/13/2015 @ 6:30 

Link here for all info

 We have one night a year where all Wisconsin voices can be heard on many issues regarding all wildlife and natural resource issues in Wisconsin.  In each county a Spring Hearing is held for all WI residents.   We vote on questions initiated by committees, introduce resolutions and vote in new delegates every year.  Wisconsin is the only state with such an advisory arm to decision makers!!!!!


Consider running as a delegate. Recruit like-minded people within your community to attend, nominate and vote for you!  (see PDF below on being a delegate) The WCC is an advisory arm to the DNR and the Natural Resources Board.   Wisconsin state law mandates that WCC resolutions must be considered when legislation is being written.  Traditionally, this Congress has been dominated by hunters, trappers and hounders.  

Victim of bear hunting season - Photo credit: Bing.com
Victim of bear hunting season - Photo credit: Bing.com

Highlights of ballot questions this year:

  • Open up a Sandhill Crane hunting season
  • Allow killing of White Deer
  • Change wolf hunt season dates which will increase probability of use of dogs on wolves and move hunt deeper into wolf breeding season
  • Increases in killing of small birds and mammals
  • Trapping regulations changed to kill more Coyotes
  • Increased trapping time to 24 hours/day
  • Allow use of foot-activated cable restraint traps
  • Allowing portable & unattended deer stands and blinds
  • Increase Bear hunting, bait and bear dogs across the entire state
  • Eliminate prohibition of Deer baiting in CWD counties
  • Increase the trapping and killing of Otters, Fisher, Weasel and Turtles
  • Increase public shooting ranges
  • Open up more public lands to hunting and trapping
  • Add'l questions on Saving the Monarch, silica sand mining and dog fines



Jackson County

Two delegate seats are open for voting every year at the WCC annual meetings.  Dian Cain of Jackson County is running for a seat this year.  Dian grew up on a farm and feels strongly that wildlife needs a voice. Dian's delegate speech and Resolution are below.

A Voice for Wildlife: Diane Cain of Hixton, Jackson County
Dian Cain delegate candidate speech.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [34.7 KB]
Jackson County 2015 Resolution: Reduce bear baiting in Wisconsin to 14 days, as in Minnesota
Dian Cain's resolution.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [25.5 KB]


Watch and enjoy "GHOSTS OF THE FOREST" video from

Boulder Junction,WI

Bring your talents forward to be a Delegate for your county.
An opportunity to change the current course of conservation in Wisconsin.
WCC delegate criteria.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [17.6 KB]
Support the protection of White Albino deer position paper written by the "Protect the White Deer" organization (see website also)
White Albino deer position paper-%22Prot
Adobe Acrobat Document [52.9 KB]
"On being a delegate for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and why you should do the same!!"
Great testimonial by Dane County WCC Delegate, Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith %22On Being a Delegate for
Adobe Acrobat Document [617.5 KB]